Professional Experience

2009 – Present

509 Cultural Center

Gallery Assistant and Marketing Specialist


Curatorial, Solo and Group Exhibition Experience



Curator of MonSTARS feat. (Marcela Pardo Ariza, Kat Geng, Laura Rokas and Sofie Ramos) (March at Swim Gallery)

Solo exhibition at State Space Gallery (More Water) and curating a show in their back room also. Feat. (Kezia Harrell, Sean Newport, Kat Geng, Alex Gardener, Mariah GW, Monica Kim Garza, Marcela Pardo Ariza and Justin Hager)

Curator of “The House Plant Show” at Swim Gallery (group show) (May) 

Curator of “Phone Culture” at Park Life, August 3rd feat. (Nathan McKee, Tara Booth, Jillian Evelyn, Alfred Vidurri 'nd Pa't Falco)

Working on an art style cookbook that features over 200 artists and chefs

Lil swim (72 person group show) 't lugg'ge store g'llery featuring 'rtists like (Os Gemeos, Barry McGee and Retna) (May)

Artist Residency @ Bed-Stuy art residency, NY 4 weeks in (July)

Double solo exhibition w/ Erlin Geffrard “Yee Yee Cries of ' Lost Tribe” at New Image Art Gallery, LA featured in Juxtapoz and via @love.watts (August)

Cur'tor of “Kah-MEEL-E-YUN” at Pro Arts G'llery in Oakland. Winner of their cur'tor residency. Feat. (Anthony Torrano, Kat Geng, Lana Licata, Marie J Engelsvold, Muzae Sesay, Olivia Krause, Kate Dash and Marcela Pardo Ariza)

Curator of “The Gathering” at Shambahla feat. (Carmen Mcnall, Rich Fonseca, Dustin Fosnot, Kyle Knobel, Rye Purvis, Becca Barolli and Br'ndon Splaner) (October)

Illegal” group show curated by Kal Spelletich and Alicia McCarthy. I h'd 2 works in this, at luggage store gallery, (November) 



Swimmin' in the Playground

Co-Curated with Auguste Somers (SWIM) 36 person group show

Fifty24sfgallery, San Francisco

Hawaii Swim 5.0, Curator

Co-Curated with Auguste Somers (SWIM), 32 person group show

New Image Art, Los Angeles


De Young Museum Artist in Residence Program

Every month the museum invites artists to install and demonstrate their art form at the de Young. This interactive program enables visitors to meet artists and gives the artists an opportunity to work with the public.


Get this Power, Solo Exhibition

New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles

Curated by Marsea Goldberg

Swim 1, Curator 

Co-Curated with Auguste Somers (SWIM), 39 person group show

New Image Art Gallery

Candy Paint II, Curator

509 Culture Center’s Luggage Store Gallery

Co-curated with Rye Purvis and Michelle Guintu 



Mimi Mansion Show, Group Exhibition

Guerrero Gallery

Three works exhibited


Chilled Air, Group Exhibition

Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles

Curated by Luke Pelletier and Austin England

Six works submitted; performed live music set


Champagne, Curator

Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento

Curated 16-person group show; performed live music set


Naivism, Group Exhibition

Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark


Mural project, solo artist

Guerrero Gallery

Keith and Thomas Streets, San Francisco



Candy Paint, Curator

509 Culture Center’s Luggage Store Annex in the Tenderloin

Group show with artists including Rye Purvis and Michelle Guintu


Tonight We Fight, Group Exhibition

New Image Art Gallery

Curated by Luke Pelletier


Locals Only, Group Exhibition

RVCA, San Francisco

One piece; performed live music set



One Foot on a Banana Peel, Group Exhibition

Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago IL

Curated by Luke Pelletier


Cajun Rice, Curator

Luggage Store Satellite project at 457 Haight St.

Featuring Michelle Guintu, Rye Purvis, Cate White, Kool Kid Kreyola, Luke Pelletier, Lola Rose Thompson and Pat Falco



People in the Crosswalk, solo show

Busy Being, Austin, TX

First solo show curated by Amber Abramson who found my work at 2011’s ArtPad



ArtPad, Phoenix Hotel

Helped curate and install Luggage Store Gallery’s hotel room exhibition space



Jumbo Prawns Art Club, Curator

Luggage Store Gallery

Curated a show with artists Scatha Allison, Jason Dunman and Julian Prince Dash in which the artists created their studio inside of the gallery



 “Portfolio Review: Yarrow Slaps Shares His Paintings of Rappers, Artists, and Cultural Icons.” Leigh Silver. May 22, 2014



Born in an art family it became a way to express myself in anyway 

possible. It started out through music and continues to, but i came to be 

inspired by the same thing that i once turned away from. ART! 

Through art i strive to show the good side of people. I paint portraits of 

people that most look down on and paint them in a glorious peaceful 

manner. Living in a city like San Francisco i have been exposed to 

multiple lifestyles and ways of thought. To know that you know nothing 

is a beautiful thing in itself. I am not trying to make people think a certain 

way about my art instead, just to show another way/side. Paint has been 

bringing people together for centuries, changing minds and perception, 

sparking new mentalities and adopting foreign technique. What you see 

on the wall is exactly what you see. I am intrigued with color, i feel like 

there are never enough colors, so i use as many colors schemes as i can 

and order them in an unorderly way. Society has made me a multitasker, 

someone that is always looking 360 degrees. Someone that has heard 

enough and wants to try for themself. Someone that is curious and 

passionate, and wants to share good vibes. Painting is a great way to calm 

down in a world that demands you to move. Some stay stagnet, some 

keep up and others wish to GO. I am someone that wishes to go, to hear, 

to see and use my senses. I am inspired by the weather which puts me in 

many deja vu like mind states. And while everyone is out having fun and 

I'm hearing the sounds of nightlife i am comforted by a music mix and the 

intense focus of precision and conquest. The way old school adventurers 

and native peoples set out into the world is the way i approach art. To 

not stay too long in a comfort zone but to keep searching. I suppose my 

inspiration and reason for painting will always change and rotate like the 

planet we share. My choice of mediums at this point are mainly acrylics 

and sometimes gouache, spraypaint or watercolors. The surfaces i like to 

work on are canvas, wood panels, foam and whatever else i see that looks interesting.